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Sharp Edges Sports Betting Podcast – NFL Playoff Picks – CFB Playoff Betting Picks – CBB Picks



After a week off, Calvin and Brandon are back for another episode of the Sharp Edges Podcast. It is a big weekend for football as we have the College Football Playoff Championship Game between #3 Clemson and #1 LSU on Monday night. Before that, we have the NFL Divisional Playoffs on Saturday and Sunday this weekend.

Starting with the CFP, Calvin and Brandon discuss who they think will win the National Championship and why. Will LSU put together another big offensive performance like they did against Oklahoma in the semi-final or will that elite Clemson defense find a way to stop Joe Burrow and company. Can Clemson compete with a team like LSU after playing in a soft ACC? Or is this spread over-inflated due to LSU’s performance against Oklahoma?

The first game on Sunday is between Houston and Kansas City. The Chiefs are a big favorite after Houston managed a comeback win against Buffalo after trailing by 16. The total is climbing, should we tail or fade the rise? The final game of the weekend is between Seattle and Green Bay. Seattle is the only road-favorite this weekend, is that the right move or not? The spread keeps climbing in the Seahawks favor, but why is that? Can Green Bay defend their home turf and advance to the NFC Championship game? Will we be seeing more points on Sunday or are we in for another low-scoring week like last week when all four playoff games went under?

Calvin gives out three NCAAB picks for Friday night. After a couple weeks off to tweak and edit, Calvin believes the formula is ready for a strong second-half run. The formula proved it is ready by perfectly nailing it’s two games last night with near perfect score prediction. Can it stay hot? Finally, Brandon and Calvin give out their Best Bets of the weekend. Listen in to hear who you should be betting and why.

0:00 Intro/Recap
0:29 Clemson/LSU
6:27 Minnesota/San Francisco
10:46 Tennessee/Baltimore
15:17 Houston/Kansas City
19:56 Seattle/Green Bay
23:43 CBB Picks
26:17 Best Bets



Wbijaj mam złamaną reke || gramy coś || 2 sezon !! | Rekrutujemy do teamu PFF




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Houston Roughnecks, St. Louis BattleHawks top of power rankings




There is now just one undefeated squad in the XFL.

The Houston Roughnecks are rolling and have been the most consistent of the eight teams in the new league. Still, they’re not perfect. But the power rankings got a bit of a shake-up this week when the DC Defenders, considered by many to be one of the top teams, were routed. 

On the other end of the spectrum, things just keep getting worse for the Tampa Bay Vipers, the only team without a victory.

Here are the Week 3 power rankings:

1. Houston Roughnecks (3-0)

Defense remains an issue. The Roughnecks rank sixth in scoring defense (22.7 points per game allowed), just two better than the last-place Vipers.  Coach June Jones’ Run ’n’ Shoot offense has been too much for all opponents, and quarterback P.J. Walker is quickly distancing himself in the MVP race. Right now, Houston is the team to beat.

Last week: No. 1

MORE: Evoking comparisons to Patrick Mahomes, P.J. Walker is XFL’s breakout star player

XFL WEEK 3 WINNERS AND LOSERS: New kickoff rule and pro football’s valiant return to St. Louis

2. St. Louis BattleHawks (2-1)

The return of pro football to St. Louis was triumphant, with the BattleHawks toppling the Guardians by 20 points. The BattleHawks have a powerful rushing game that leads the XFL with 157.7 yards per game. On defense, St. Louis has yielded just 46 points, one more than the league-leading Renegades. A ball-control offense and a stingy defense are a recipe that could carry this team to a run in the playoffs.

Last week: No. 3

3. DC Defenders (2-1)

The Defenders suffered not only their first loss but a 30-point blowout to the previously winless Los Angeles Wildcats. Quarterback Cardale Jones seemed out of sorts, looked uncomfortable in the pocket and threw four interceptions before being benched. This is one of those games a team must  move on from quickly, but DC should still be a squad that carries some respect within the league.

Last week: No. 2

4. Dallas Renegades (2-1)

Quarterback Landry Jones needs to protect the ball much better, but running back Cameron Artis-Payne has shown he can be a reliable contributor. Most important, Dallas’ defense – which leads the XFL allowing just 15 points per game – is what makes this team formidable. A huge barometer comes in Week 4 in the form of the undefeated Roughnecks.

Last week: No. 5

5. Los Angeles Wildcats (1-2)

No team rose more than the Wildcats, whose defense took a massive step forward in a dominant victory against previously unbeaten DC. The Defenders came in with the league’s best passing offense, one that had averaged 245.5 yards per game, and held it to 90. Coach Winston Moss has taken control of the team’s defense, and quarterback Josh Johnson had an efficient, 278-yard, three-touchdown day.

Last week: No. 7

6. Seattle Dragons (1-2)

Arguably the biggest concern for coach Jim Zorn’s group is the Dragons simply haven’t played an entire consistent game. In their lone victory, 17-9 in Week 2 against the Vipers, they needed a strong second half to pull away. But in their two losses (to the Defenders in Week 1 and the Renegades in Week 3), Seattle was outscored by a combined 37-6 in the second halves.

Last week: No. 4

7. New York Guardians (1-2)

Simply put, the Guardians are in a free fall. The offense has stagnated under quarterback Matt McGloin, and when he went down with a rib injury the team wasn’t any better with backup Marquise Williams. Coach Kevin Gilbride might be best suited to revamp the scheme and look to be a physical, rush-first team. But the team must correct sloppy and undisciplined play that led to nine penalties.

Last week: No. 6

8. Tampa Bay Vipers (0-3)

Easily, Tampa Bay has been the worst team.  Coach Marc Trestman still can’t figure out his quarterback situation. He has stuck with backup Taylor Cornelius while starter Aaron Murray nurses a foot injury. Quinton Flowers has been relegated to a change-of-pace substitution but has flashed an ability to make throws, extend plays and scramble when needed. The bigger issue is it might get worse. The schedule is unforgiving, with a five-game stretch that includes matchups against the Defenders, Wildcats, Renegades, Defenders (again) and BattleHawks.

Last week: No. 8

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Sensorized Skin, Atomic Dance, Ghost Ancestor | News on Science and Technology



MIT researchers have developed a “sensorized” skin, made with kirigami-inspired sensors, that gives soft robots greater awareness of the motion and position of their bodies. The newly developed soft sensors are conductive silicone sheets cut into kirigami patterns and have “piezoresistive” properties i.e they can change in electrical resistance when stretched. When the sensor distorted due to the robotic arm stretching and compressing, its electrical resistance gets converted to an output voltage which is then used as a signal correlating to that movement. Researchers are now focusing on developing artificial limbs that can flexibly handle and manipulate objects in the environment.

A team of materials scientists from Northwestern University have developed a new method to observe the dynamic motion of atoms in atomically thin 2D materials such as graphene and borophene. The thin nature of 2D materials makes them highly sensitive to external environments and affect their stability and reliability in electronic devices. Using a high-resolution, atomic-scale imaging method called electron microscopy, researchers passed electric current to the molybdenum disulfide and witnessed the dynamic motion of sulfur atoms, a phenomenon they termed as “atomic dance”. This eventually causes the failure in the material. Researchers believe the new approach could be used to develop more stable and reliable materials for future wearables and flexible electronic devices.

A new study suggests that Modern West Africans carry a small but helpful genetic legacy from a previously unknown, now-extinct hominid population. UCLA geneticists Arun Durvasula and Sriram Sankararaman revealed that the ancestors of modern Yoruba and Mende people inherited the genes of extinct species around 24,000 years ago or later. The DNA analysis found 2 to 19 percent of the genetic material of the extinct ghost population in the genomes of Yoruba and Mende people. Besides, DNA from Han Chinese as well as Utah residents also found to be carrying the genetic legacy of the ancient ghost population. The research hence provides strong evidence that interbreeding of ancient people with various Homo species played a crucial role in the evolution of modern Africans than earlier predicted.

Studying the mammalian brain is one of the most complex task and the devices to monitor the activities of individual neurons are still unavailable. Thankfully, researchers from the University of Arizona, George Washington University and Northwestern University have created tiny wireless, battery-free devices that use light to monitor the activities of individual neurons. The device carefully selects neurons with a dye and changes its brightness depending on activity. After that, it passes a light on the dye to capture the neuron’s activity and passes the information wirelessly to researchers. This new device would allow researchers to monitor brain’s activity without using restrictive equipment and will give detailed insights into the base mechanisms of the brain.


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