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Chad Johnson Debuts Girlfriend Annalise Mishler & Talks Relationship – Hollywood Life



‘Bad Chad’ has a new woman in his life! We caught up with ‘The Bachelorette’s Chad Johnson EXCLUSIVELY on Nov. 6, as he made his public debut with Annalise Mishler, and he dished ALL about the romance.

Chad Johnson had a very special woman by his side while attending Operation Smile’s Hollywood Fight Night on Nov. 6 — his girlfriend, Annalise Mishler! “We met, like, four months ago,” Chad told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY on the red carpet. “We’ve been dating for two [months]. I haven’t dated anybody for, like, four years, so I kind forgot how it works. Like, how do relationships work?” Chad has been linked to a number of women since his time on The Bachelorette, but this is his first real relationship since being thrust into the spotlight on JoJo Fletcher’s season of the show in 2016.

“We matched online, so we met on a dating app called Hinge,” Chad explained, of Annalise. “She was really funny. The very fist texts she sent me was pretending to buy a goat instead of, like, ‘hi.’ And I was like…whatever girl it is, this girl is super cool. Nobody does that.” The Operation Smile event was Chad and Annalise’s first red carpet together, but they both agreed that they wouldn’t be opposed to keeping their relationship in the public eye. “I think we should [have a reality show],” Annalise admitted. “I think it would be the most entertaining show.” Chad added, “Yeah, that’s true. We fight constantly! We haven’t fought yet today, though!”

Chad also dished about the upcoming Bachelor Nation fight night that he’s taking part in on Feb. 12, 2020. The event will feature stars from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette duking it out to raise money for hurricane victims in the Bahamas. “I fight Robby Hayes,” Chad confirmed. “If you remember, from the season, me and him had a bit of some beef. There is still animosity [between us]. Plus, I own his domain name “,” so if he wins, I’ll give him back!”

Unfortunately, one match-up we won’t get to see is Josh Murray vs Nick Viall. The guys both vied for Andi Dorfman’s heart on The Bachelorette, and then set their sights on Amanda Stanton on a subsequent season of Bachelor in Paradise, so they have a lot of animosity built up between them. “Josh Murray is on board,” Chad confirmed “But we tried to get Nick and he wouldn’t agree to fight Josh. I have no idea [why]. I think Nick thinks that Nick is the coolest person on Earth. But I would love to see it.”

Vince Bucci

Meanwhile, the Nov. 6 Operation Smile Fight Night event helped raise money and awareness for children around the world who suffer from cleft lip, cleft palate and other facial deformities. Operation Smile provides free surgeries for hundreds of thousands of children and young adults and hopes to improve the lives of children worldwide with access to surgical care.


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Deshae Frost & Savay LINK UP After She JUMPS His EX GIRLFRIEND Dre Goldi !!



Deshae frost and savay, Chris sails ex, links up after she jumps his ex !

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This Russian expression has two very different meanings




Zdravstvuyte! That’s Russian for, “Hello! I’ve had 10 bowls of borscht and it’s not even noon yet.”

I’m Miss Communication, and if you’re watching this it means you’re as passionate about language as I am about borscht. Today’s lesson will demonstrate the perils of misusing one word when talking to your roommate after a night partying at the Klub.

Let’s travel to Russia!


Director, Editor: Mitchell Bisschop

Writer, Creator: Tamara Yajia

Writer: Ben Rosen

Producer: James Risolo

Executive Producer: Darren Miller

Executive Producer: Chris Michael

Editor: Paul Smith

Graphics: Bryan Wieder


Tamara Yajia

Ben Rosen

Alex Dobrenko

Lead Cast

Holly Tuggy

Stefani Raile

Marina Richi

Alex Dobrenko


Director of Photography: Nolan Scott

Production Designer: Elaine Carey

Production Manager: Kaja Martin

Costume Designer: Vanessa Gonzalez

Casting Director: Riley Hamilton

1st Assistant Director: Kevin Moon

B/Cam Operator: Austin Puckett

1st Assistant Camera: Ethan Brookins

DIT: Jim Wills

Gaffer: Daniel Martinez

Key Grip: Arthur Reynolds

Set Decorator: Samatha Villegas

Set Dresser: Sarah Lew

Set Dresser: Steven Smyka

Set Dresser: Jonnie Prey

Post Production Supervisor: Aaron Talavera

Assistant Editor: Jeremiah Williams

Assistant Editor: Collin Lapinsky

Wardrobe Assistant: Angela Trivino

Script Supervisor: Michelle Zagorsky

Sound Mixer: Clark Weldon

HMU Supervisor: Jessica Leigh Schwartz

HMU Supervisor: Jessica Verdon

HMU Supervisor: Mel Daniel

HMU Assistant: Vanessa Moreno

SVP, Physical Production: Jim Ziegler

Manager, Physical Production: Carly Reeve

Head of HR: Taylor Treadwell


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Kylie Jenner Wears SKIMS Bra & Shows Off Her Abs — Watch – Hollywood Life




Kylie Jenner rocked some skimpy SKIMs on Instagram, showing off how amazing her stomach looks in just a bra and leggings from her sister’s solutionwear line!

The latest celebrity to endorse Kim Kardashian‘s SKIMs line is her own sister, Kylie Jenner! Kylie rocked two pieces from Kim’s ultra popular new “solutionwear” collection on Snapchat, and she made them look super comfortable — and super hot. For the cute video, which you can watch below, Kylie slipped on a white shelf bra and matching, high-waisted leggings that perfectly complement her famous curves, as she poses on her balcony and tosses her hair back and forth. The skimpy outfit highlights her tiny waist and flat stomach, too.

SKIMs has become a major hit among celebrities, not just Kim’s own sisters. Selena Gomez caused a minor uproar in October when she posted an Instagram selfie showing herself rocking a piece from SKIMs, which appeared to be the $62 onyx sculpting bodysuit. She looked adorable in the bodysuit, which she praised for being “legit so freaking comfortable.” Slight problem, which fans gently pointed out: the person who owns the comfy shapewear line happens to be her best friend, Taylor Swift‘s mortal enemy. Oops! Selena quickly deleted that and replaced it with a pic of herself and her “ride or die,” Tay.

SKIMs also got a celeb endorsement from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Rinna. Lisa gave Kim her seal of approval by first dancing around in a nude SKIMs bodysuit on Instagram — and then starring in a 1990s-style infomercial parody for the brand! That’s a must-see.

Kylie’s all about showing off her figure on Instagram and Snapchat — duh. The last time was in a scandalous video taken during bedtime, where she stripped down to just a matching, pink bra and underwear set. Doesn’t look as comfy as her SKIMs, but definitely just as sexy!


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